My work and intention is to produce compositions and portraits that
have a quality of quietness, stillness and reflection, regardless of the
subject matter.

I work from life and photographs and use a combination of sources;
family, life models, and friends, landscapes ....

I am interested in meditative and contemplative space, the challenge
of representation; and increasingly the idea of the 'averted gaze'
which suggests 'an inaccessible world' occupied by the sitter.

'the sitter seems to occupy a private, inaccessible world, an inner
domain beyond surface appearances'. Gerhard Richter

Please visit the gallery to view a selection of my monoprints.

If you wish to enquire further about my work, commissions, prices,
or view any of the monoprints please get in contact
Most of the work on display is for sale. Where the original has
been sold, signed prints are available. These may differ as they
will have been computer- adjusted for colour and contrast.
Please note that ownership of an original artwork does not
automatically confer copyright and the right to reproduce the work.